It is through my own apprenticeship with ill health that I have come to find my body and voice as vital forces of healing. It is here that I have unlocked a lifetime (and perhaps more) of conditioned thoughts and behaviours that suppress my authentic expression and experience.

My journey has been one of radical inner and outer re-wilding, walking a path of ancestral remembrance that ignites a soul deep perspective of the living and non-living world.

This continues to carry me into deeper reciprocity with all that is.

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There is one with a head like mine; snow drop […]
Reflections on our lack of belonging as root cause to individual, societal and environmental ill health.
The self help buzz phrase ‘Abundance Mindset’ has been spoken […]

“It is hard to put into words how thrilled and touched I am by the work and dedication of the women who were involved. The creativity and the strength that I was able to recharge in the circle of these fantastic people still has an effect on me today. Veronica and Pia’s ceremonies, their stories, their singing and the fun we had as a group of women touched my soul, but the body was not neglected either: intensive yoga sessions were balanced with embodied yoga, breathwork, massage techniques and so much more. Here, love really is in every detail. An unforgettable spiritual experience.”

Katrin Jahns

“Every single moment of that retreat made me go deeper and deeper into my heart. Remember. Reconnect. Unfold. With strong resonance I watched Pia and Roni present their wisdom, experiences, art and uniqueness. My eyes, as the witnessing gates of my soul, were in pure awe of how love can express itself among women, when we step into oneness. One frequency. When they not only feel, but actually live their purpose and step into their power. This is what I saw in the incredible connection of trust and unity between Pia & Roni. And we all felt the vibrating result of this deep remembering within us, by their example. I still can recall that bliss within me, which I felt these days. In deep gratitude of your work in this world: I see you and I join you with my heart.”

Zasha Patek

“You’ve done so much, my gratitude is beyond words.”


“The Deep Remembering Retreat was one of the most magical journeys of my life. Roni and Pia managed through their attentive and nurturing care and skills to create a safe container for all of us to connect deeply and explore our most vulnerable wounds with compassion and love. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Lilja Sif Þorsteinsdóttir

“Thank you, you amazing powerful women, you witches, you have taught me so much. I’m going to live off this forever and these are connections I’m going to cherish forever.”