‘Night Journey’ by Jasper Shah

Still Night Jounrey

That’s a wrap! It has been a very cold week filming outdoors in Pinewood Black Forest and at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre but I think it has been well worth it! The rushes for Jasper Shah’s latest short film ‘Night Journey’ look wonderful and the settings have been a treat for the eyes.  I am very excited to see the finished piece.

Hello 2015!

It is certainly good to be back! I had a great singing lesson at The Philip Foster Company today, followed by rehearsals for a Short Film I am very excited to be acting in called ‘Night Journey’ by Jasper Shah.  It explores the concepts of hypnagogia set in the 30’s.  I am playing the lead role ‘Young’ who is a Chemist hoping to explore this state of mind.  This script really jumps off the page and I am very keen to see the outcome with lots of vivid, surreal imagery and great writing that incorporates many interesting curious references.

After further rehearsals tomorrow I am then completing my final day of filming for the short film that has been set near Brighton ‘Facing Truth’.  Here are some shots from behind the scenes!



Also coming up

I will be playing the lead actress in a Music Video set in London (more about this to follow) and filming begins soon for the role of Mimi in the Pilot episode of ‘London Girl’ with Red Door TV.

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

After half a year of exploring Paris and parading around the magical world of DisneyLand playing the ever so adored Elsa from the latest Disney hit ‘Frozen’, it feels great to be back on London ground and filming again.  There are not many people who have yet to see the latest Disney Snow Queen in action, so it was a privilege to play an important part in the phenomenon that is Frozen.  I also had the delight of dancing on the parades, performing to thousands of people every day – Halloween was certainly a highlight for me and it was always a very surreal experience performing whilst surrounded by such vibrant and unique costumes and characters.

That colourful chapter has come to an end, and January is now filled with short films and music videos for me to get my teeth into.  I am currently playing the lead role in a short film called ‘Night Journey’ by Jasper Shah, although this weekend I am filming in Brighton for another project.  More about these to follow soon!



Happy Sunflower