Olive Green Wins more Gold Awards!

Olive Green has won the Gold Dolphin Award for the Best Interactive Video at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2015 and the Grand Prix / Film of the Festival and Golden Camera Award at the US International Film & Video Festival 2015.
It was a real pleasure to be a part of this feature film (I played the young Beatrice Campbell) and I feel very happy for everyone involved for these great successes!


'Olive Green'

Still from 'Olive Green'

Linda Duschek Photography

I recently did a photoshoot with one of my favourite photographers out there – her name is Linda Duschek and she is based in Germany, photographing weddings and people all over the world.  I first worked with her in Paris (her pictures are used all over this site) and  I was thrilled when she got in touch saying she was coming to London.


These photos, along with our Paris shots, mean an awful lot to me because Linda really manages to capture something that makes me feel proud of myself at that point in my life. Here are the first 2 from our London series, more to follow!

London Shoot 1 London Shoot