Clic Sargent 10th Anniversary Concert @ Leicester Square

My love for this charity will never grow old.  You can find me singing ‘River’ (Joni Mitchell) at the Clic Sargent 10th Anniversary Concert at Leicester Square on December 5th 2017.


This will be a very poignant performance for me as it is a year on from our incredible Clic Tour and I will be dedicating the song to George Stephenson, who recently passed away on Friday 29th September, which was a huge shock to all of us who toured with him.  George had to be one of the loveliest, most upbeat, funny and inspiring people I have met and you can see that he had such a great impact on the lives he crossed paths with just by how devastated we all are to lose him.  Thank you for the wonderful memories George, I’ll never forget you.  And thank you Clic Sargent for the amazing year of music and adventures that we shared.