Clic Sargent Celebrity Ball

Singing at the Windsor Races Celebrity Ball for Clic Sargent was an incredible experience.  When I agreed to make a flying visit from Paris (where I have been living for the year), I had no idea how moving this event was going to be.  Witnessing such generosity first hand in a beautiful setting, amongst people I feel humbled to meet and know, blew me away.  I will forever strive to do what I can for this wonderful charity, not only because they supported me 5 years ago and made an immensely challenging part of my young life far more bearable, but I am lucky enough to see what they do for so many other children, young people and their families on a regular basis.  Remembering opening my initial grant of £170, simply because my records showed I had been given a diagnosis, with a heartfelt letter explaining they understand the financial strain so here is our grant straight up and here is how to get in touch for more help and support. For me, there is no other charity reaching out quite like this.

Clic Sargent want to be able to help everyone who faces cancer, as well as their families, who are often the ones harder hit in many ways, as ironic as that sounds.  And I understand that many cancer charities have a bit of a bad rep for being the wealthiest, but all I can say is, I see what the donations and ongoing support do.  And it is SO worth that generosity.  It is about life, support and helping others strive when simply surviving becomes all too consuming.

The money raised was just shy of £300,000.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Shout out to The Zoots, who I had the pleasure of singing with. And thank you to my darlin’ Maxine for keeping me company, you are always such an open minded and grounded friend (plus way better at the whole ‘mingling’ game than I am).   For Clic Sargent, with love.


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Clic Sargent 10th Anniversary Concert

My love for this charity will never grow old.  You can find me performing my latest slam poem and singing ‘River’ (Joni Mitchell) and our touring group piece of ‘True Colours’ at the Clic Sargent 10th Anniversary Concert at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) on December 5th 2017.


This will be a very poignant performance for all of us as it is a year on from our incredible Clic Tour.  It has been a tough couple of months though, as our dearest and most wonderful friend, George Stephenson, recently passed away, which was a huge shock to all of us who toured with him.  George had to be one of the loveliest, most upbeat, funny and inspiring guys I have met and you can see that he had such a great impact on the lives he crossed paths with just by how devastated we all are to lose him.  Thank you for the memories George, I’ll never forget you.  And thank you Clic Sargent for the amazing year of music and adventures we shared.


The Satin Dollz

With a passion for many era’s I feel soulfully connected to somehow, I am excited to announce that I am now a singer with the vintage international group – The Satin Dollz! Founded in LA in 2005, The Satin Dollz have been singing and tapping to songs of the 20’s – 50’s all over the world. I’ll be sure to update with pictures and performance dates as time goes on.