A somatic approach to healing invites a deepened awareness in relationship with the wisdom of the body. It is a path to re-membering and re-learning the language of our body so that we may make healthier, more instinctive decisions that honour our needs. 

Our bodies store the memory of stress and trauma and can keep things hidden away, manifesting in numbness, stagnancy, pain or tension, aversion and disassociation. My approach is to go to the sensations in the body and follow the somatic threads through hypnotic guidance to access root memories that are living in the body and keeping you stuck or blocked. By deepening your trust in your body’s wisdom, we can begin to heal these parts of our story and rewire 

We are cyclical beings, often stuck in linear paradigms. This work brings us back to an ancient, ancestral perspective of life, one that is spiral, dancing, seasonal. This work invites deep remembrance of the interconnectivity with all that is, where death and rebirth are honoured, and where the depths and darkness bring as much nourishment as the heights and light. 

Your body is a measure of the Earth body and a measure of the universe. 

Returning to the medicine of embodiment practices demands much deconstruction of limiting social and individual beliefs. We will unravel and reweave