Hi, I’m Roni

A Multidisciplinary Artist, Yoga, Voice and Embodiment Teacher and Holistic Mentor.

I love to dance between the worlds of story, immersive experience, ancient wisdom and earth centred healing – where connection, expression and creative abundance can form and invoke profound effect. 

Founder of Rooted Healing – a web of immersive restorative experiences, holistic education, courses, workshops, mentorship and woven community, with a focus on healing both our inner and outer worlds through reconnection to nature, play, exploration and creative expression. 

Through vulnerability, connection and exploration, I believe we hold power in captivating collective presence, deep remembrance and a returning to our truest nature and boundless potential.

Approach, Training and Professional Background

Yoga & Embodiment

Weaving ancient yogic practices of the East with shamanic wisdom from the South (having apprenticed alongside master wisdom keepers in the Andes), I incorporate this into a deep connection with my own ancestral practices and mythology of the Celts and Pagan folk.

With a professional background in dance and theatre, I took my initial teacher training in Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga of BKS Iyengar and Indra Devi lineage in 2018, which provided the knowledge to lead transformative classes that are accessible and adaptable to all body types and abilities. Since then, I have studied and incorporated practices from Tantra, Kundalini, Yin, and Yoga Nidra, alongside more innate approaches to embodiment such as ecstatic dance, primal movement and expressive dance as therapy.

I gently guide you through your inner landscapes, enabling the shift from mind to body, and from embodiment to fully expansive One-ness. 

Voice & Song

Singing from someplace deep within ourselves demands presence, trust and acceptance. The power of word, vibration and melody can contribute to our healing and personal growth in a powerful way. Using the voice and the medicine of song has been an incredible practice for my personal journey – something I love to share and witness in others.

With over a decade of experience working in professional film and theatre as an actress, singer and dancer, following an initial scholarship in Prof. Musical Theatre at Cambridge Performing Arts back in 2009, I have simultaneously immersed myself into holistic practices, many of which use the voice and song to deepen healing, personal development and transformation. 

I have gained fascinating insight into indigenous traditions, ancient practices and grounded techniques to access, strengthen and liberate fullest expression. A lot of this work is about actively deconstructing what we think we ‘should’ be doing, to exploring and playing with what is innate, fluid and boundless.

Since 2016, I have been a singing mentor for people with cancer for the charity ‘Young Lives vs Cancer’ where we facilitate week long residential immersions and performance opportunities that result in profound confidence building, community based healing and long lasting transformation.

Creative Expression

A subtle shift into the right brain, where we host our connection to presence, intuition, imagination and emotional visualisation enables us to unblock embodied trauma or tension – or to simply express our emotions as they move through us. I facilitate a vast variety of creative workshops and immersive experiences that open the safe, non-judging space to explore the outward physicalisation of our inner world. 

Dance, theatre and voice work are incredible arts to find our authentic expression, and we can also invite this more embodied, intuitive approach to visual art making, creative writing and spoken word. 

Engaging with our creative power in group settings can be deeply healing and therapeutic.  Through the sharing of others, we see how relatable every experience is. And in the process of being seen and heard, we find our voice, our spirit and our sense of belonging.