I believe in the life changing power of storytelling and expression.

Ronnie, Ron, Vron, Ronald Weasley… I welcome all variants for flavouring. I’m an actor, singer, spoken word artist, yogi, creative workshop lover and roast potato devourer.

Whatever the art form, I strive to explore and express freely, finding truth, whilst helping others join in with the dance. 

Performing internationally in film, television and theatre teaches me so much; adjusting to constant change, discovering connection in vulnerability and embracing humanity in all its complexities. Working closely with children and young people from an array of backgrounds, often with suffered hardships or with special needs has taught me considerably more. We all have powerful stories to share and a need to express ourselves. Connection is my driving force.

Amongst my adoration for storytelling lies a paradox – the stories we tell ourselves are often untrue. Through the practice and philosophy of yoga, I aim to share my passion in liberation from self setting limitations as yoga teacher and explorer.

Thanks for stopping by my place to share and shamelessly self promote upcoming workshops, events and creative projects! Enchanté!