Hi, I’m Veronica 

(Some call me Vero, Roni, V or Vron).

I am a voice and somatic healing guide, multidisciplinary artist, dream-worker and ritualist, who honours a path of ancient remembrance rooted in earth wisdom and reciprocity.

Through this work, I seek to reconnect others back to their innate sense of intimacy, awe and creativity with the living world and the great mystery or spirit – bringing deep healing to our inner and outer landscapes.

With over a decade of training, initiation and cross disciplinary experience, I understand the boundless possibility of learning the language of our body and harnessing the prowecs of our vocal expression as radical forms of self healing that invoke joyful, abundant and embodied living.

A childhood immersed in the rugged Welsh countryside with a mother who worked in conservation entangled me into the natural world in a very visceral, intimate way. I grew up entranced by the power of story, the perspective of ‘other’ and the sensation of transformation, which led me into a career in the theatrical arts for 8 years. 

A wild journey of initiation with my own ill health lead to Latin America, where I worked closely with sacred healing plant medicines that reconnected my soul to an indigenous experience of the natural and spiritual world. 

I am the Co-founder of Rooted Healing , where we seek to deepen human kinship with the living world and with the great mystery that runs through us through transformational healing gatherings in nature, cross-cultural wisdom exchange, deep dive workshops, interactive courses and a growing collection of community lead free resources.

I host the Rooted Healing podcast, which gathers the expansive minds, topics and ideas that help us heal, re-imagine and co-create the world we wish to thrive in. Find the show wherever you listen.

It is through my own apprenticeship with ill health that I have come to find my body and voice as vital gifts for healing.

With a history of chronic illness, I have experienced a sense of betrayal from my own body. I have felt my sense of self worth shrink and cower as my peers strive on in good health. Dancing with my mortal existence, I’ve been in and out of hospitals, operations, tests and diagnosis that somehow steered me toward a different path.

As a performer, I felt that I lost my voice, my flare, my energy. My health a constant nagging and pulling away from the rush of the city hustle. It seems the calling of my body and voice was the calling of my soul. I needed to remember what it is to truly be alive within this world. Our basic needs as social human beings are to eat together, to sing, dance, tell stories, sit around a fire, share, feel connected to each other and to feel connected to land and place. We’ve lost this in Western culture and my soul was crying for me to find it again. 

Remembering the innate language of my body and reviving my soul deep joy in singing and exploring vocal landscapes out of the socially conditioned models of productivity we are prescribed, has undoubtably been key to my healing and recovery. This soul deep work has lead me on the most incredible self lead immersive research into ancient and indigenous healing practices, myth, crafts and an awakening that demanded I let go of many old skins and ego attachments in order to heal and thrive.

Honouring my teachers

With gratitude, I honour the wonderful teachers and guides who have supported and enriched my journey: Salvador, Paulina, Amalia, Mateo and Fernanda at Hayulima – they have shared their sacred healing traditions and wisdom with deep compassion and generosity (Protectors of Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote and Red Road Traditions). Elina and Ari at Lumi for 1 year of learning and growth on the yoga matt and a beautiful teacher training. Christine Breeze and the medicine keepers at Gaia Sagrada , who immersed me in the art of sacred ceremony and transformational spaces, where I helped manage the wellbeing programme. Six Week Womb Sciences (Weaving Science with the Sacred) with Usha Anandi . Voice Medicine with Hayley Saraswatl at the Yoga Forest. The Deep Feminine Soul Journey (learning with indigenous female elders) with Hannah Ruth Dyson at Soul Seed Gathering . The deepest gratitude to Philip Day who lead the Music Programme for Young Lives vs Cancer and who invited me to step into my power over the duration of 4 years of performance, mentorship and building resiliency. I would also like to honour my dearest teachers in the Performing Arts as their teachings remain woven into my work: Elva Makins and Philip Foster.

Qualifications and trainings

Biomagmetism Therapy – Dr. Ismael Suria

200 Hr Baptiste Vinyasa Yoga – Lumi Power Yoga

Yoga Nidra 50 Hr – Santosha Yoga Institute

Voice Medicine – Yoga Forest

Jungian Mythos – Applied Jung

Hypnotherapy – ICCHP

Womb Sciences – Womben Wellness

The Medicine of Grief – Grief Tending with Nici Harrison

Advanced Yoga Assisting Training – Lumi Power Yoga

The Deep Feminine Soul – Soul Seed House

BA Hons Professional Musical Theatre – Cambridge Performing Arts

Resources that enrich my practices


The Great Cosmic Mother – Barbara Moore + Monica Sjöö

The Wild Edge of Sorrow – Francis Weller

If Women Rose Rooted – Sharon Blackie

The Cosmic Serpent – Jeremy Narby

Unwell Women – Elinor Cleghorn

When the Body Says No – Dr. Gabor Maté

Belonging: Remembering ourselves home – Toko-pa Turner

It Didn’t Start With You – Mark Wolynn

Sitting by the Well – Marion Woodman

Women Who Run With the Wolves – Clarrisa Pinkola Estés

Braiding Sweetgrass – Robin Wall Kimmerer

As Long as Grass Grows – Dina Gilio-Whitaker

Who Really Feeds the World? – Vandana Shiva

On Fire – Naomi Klein

Fingerprints of the Gods – Graham Hancock

The Immortality Key – Brian C. Muraresku

Entangled Life – Merlin Sheldrake


Medicine Stories

For The Wild

Living Myth

This Mythic Life


Health Experts

Dr. Zach Bush MD

Dr. Gabor Maté 

Karen Hurd


Tawai – Bruce Parry

Fantastic Fungi – Louie Shwartzberg

The Wisdom of Trauma – Gabor Maté

Dive Tierra Bomber Dive – Joya Berrow


Alan Watts

Marion Woodman

Charles Eisenstein



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