My Godmother’s Wellies

Here you can watch My Godmother’s Wellies – The short version for Sundance.

Directed by Sherice Griffiths, Cinematography by Jonathan Binks and Nick Smith and written by myself, ‘My Godmother’s Wellies’ was a quick project we made happen for the below competition with the theme ‘Making a go of it’.  I had an amazing time producing this simple short film and what I learnt from the whole process is invaluable.  Looking back on this project, there is so much I would do differently! I am keen to make another version, around 8 to 10 minutes long where I will re edit the footage and create something new.

It’s competition time! Your support is truly appreciated!

The short version of ‘My Godmother’s Wellies’ is up live on the Sundance Short Film Competition website through Talent House.  We need your votes to be in with a chance of being noticed! Please take a small moment of your time to vote for the film, you can vote through facebook, twitter and also share and spread the word – we would be very grateful as this means a lot to us!  ‘My Godmother’s Wellies’ is a short film about a young business woman who is fed up with the monotony of city life but one day she receives some news that leaves her entrusted with a farm in Wales… Take a look to see a simple story about family, choice and making a go of something in life.  Click HERE to vote!!! Thank you! Love Veronica x

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‘The Forging Of A Romance’

A short artisitc film shot on 16mm by Jasper Shah, starring Craig John Burrows and Veronica Stanwell
A short artistic film shot on 16mm by Jasper Shah, starring Craig John Burrows and Veronica Stanwell

You can now watch Jasper Shah’s beautifully artistic short film ‘The Forging of a Romance‘ shot on 16mm film, starring Craig John Burrows as Henry and myself as Penelope. This was a Safi-Michael Pictures production.

Without a doubt one of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, Veronica is very determined to give the best performance possible, and is always full of energy and passion. She engages in her work professionally, and was very adaptable to my needs as a director, while at the same time giving her own creative input and insight into the picture.

Jasper Shah, Director of ‘The Forging of a Romance’