We have sat in circle since time before time

Find healing, joy and union in spaces curated for community empowerment and deep, life lasting connection.

Healing, sharing and learning in circle – where everyone is equal and connected energetically – creates the potential to remember our innate soul-deep need for community. We are each seen and heard, respected and nourished, celebrated and loved, for the unique medicine we bring and for the capacity to share such intimate, transformational space together.

These guided group circles take on a life of their own. They water the soils of possibility, open new portals both inwardly and outwardly, s that we may access the healing and connectivity we are depleted of in this new age.

You can expect a variety of practices that bring the group together and closer to our intentions, including meditation, embodiment practices, ritual, ceremony, song, prayer, inquiry, sharing and compassionate accountability. 

These circles, whether they are online or in person, are immersive, shifting, empowering and expanding. We tend to our grief and despair, to our deepest dreams, visions and creativity, and to the wondrous abilities we possess to heal ourselves and others through the medicine of our bodies, voices and spirit.

Upcoming circles

These offerings are created from a soul-deep recognition and need for a loving community of support and inspiration as we walk our paths of self discovery, reconnection and empowerment.

GROW Membership Online

Join us for a year long journey of honouring, belonging and becoming. 

In Person Gatherings

Culturally and spiritually rich experiences to dive deep into the healing of our inner and outer landscapes.