Unearth your deepest potential as you navigate illness

Fully supported holistic mentorship to empower you to embody your most abundant expression and heal from the root of your being.

The call to rise, fully rooted, in the truth of who you are is here. 

Our Collaboration

Weaving your intentions, passions and aspirations together, we will work creatively and honestly to bring you to your highest potential during your healing process. 

Illness can be isolating, exhausting and overwhelming. We are forced to face our fears, slow down and recreate our lives… and I believe this is the prime time to immerse in a nourishing, life changing process to discover our true soul calling through creative expression and (re)connection to nature – a.k.a. our relationship with LIFE.

We will use your experiences, desires, dreams and visions to draw deeper purpose, direction and inspiration into your life so that you, as a beautiful, integrated individual, can access full flow, clarity, love, joy and abundance – no matter how high the hurdles may appear.

We will rewrite your story, eliminate anxiety, unravel limiting beliefs and deprecating self-talk and build a path that aligns with your integrity.

Our work together will also weave you into a support network of individuals who are healing with you. People who understand the dance of self care, wants, needs and, well, the rest of life.

This work is radically transformative, uplifting and connecting – threading embodied earth wisdom, voice medicine, neural reprogramming, dream analysis and ritual in a grounded, sustainable programme for life lasting results.

Why I love this work…

It has been almost a decade since my cancer diagnosis – an event that propelled me further into the exploration of holistic wellbeing, psychology, philosophy and embodiment practices suiting my spiritually curious disposition. 

For many years, I have worked closely with children, teenagers and adults whilst they face cancer, as a music and wellbeing mentor primarily focussing on creative expression during immersive experiences. Through this work I have witnessed deeply profound transformation. 

I weave the ancient teachings of yoga and earth centred ancestral practices with diverse creative exploration, whilst intuitively tapping into who you are  and how to best support you.

My background in professional theatre equips me with techniques and tools to help you grow in confidence and liberate your authentic expression, whilst my many years of teaching yoga and learning alongside wise medicine men and women carrying ancient traditions inspires my work in relationship with nature and spirit, bringing deep awareness to an embodied path of truth and flow. 

My focus is on your unique gifts, soul calling and creative expression, so that your healing journey can elevate your path to abundance, joy and freedom.

I am here for you.

To mentor an individual is to show up in every way as someone who has tackled the obstacles and dived into the overgrown abyss, paving a clearer path for those who follow. I want to hold your hand and allow you to be fully supported, seen, heard and valued throughout this transformative process together.

I would have wept with joy to have found a mentor aligned with my needs during my illness, and I also know how much trust, vulnerability and willingness is required to show up for this work – a commitment and exchange I honour deeply and do not take for granted. 

I am just another human, who lives, breaths and bows to the mystery of life. I claim no higher seat as a mentor, only a deep passion and belief that you can create the life you long for with the experience of diligently manifesting my own transformation out of illness and anxiety.

Our Process

  Intuitive collaboration will guide us throughout our time together, so below is the outline of what is included, which may adapt depending on your unique evolution.

In order to create life lasting results, I invite 9 to 13 weeks together in fully supported mentorship, including:

1 x 90 minute ‘purge’ session – connecting and establishing your path

6 x 60 minute immersive 1 on 1 sessions

Guidance material, grounded resources, recorded meditations and workbook

2 Voice Alchemy Sessions

2 Bespoke Embodiment Practices, with guidance to fully integrate

2 Dream Analysis Sessions

A solo or group 90 minute guided (virtual) ceremony

 Messaging and voice note support throughout

Access to the Rooted Healing Membership, including:

Monthly workshop and guest speaker

Monthly group sharing circle

Community social group with holistic professional and peer support

This programme will equip you with unique tools and practices to sustain and nourish your mind, body and spirit for life as I will help you effectively sustain and integrate this beautiful co-creation once our mentorship ends or reforms.

It is important to me that your healing process is joyful, fully supported and radically revolutionary. You can book a free call to connect and see if we are a good fit (30 mins), or book a one off 90 minute private session for £60, which will be deducted out of your mentorship package if you wish to go all in. 

Our Exchange

All in = £1,200 (Eg. £92.30 per week for 13 weeks)

Full mentorship is available on a sliding scale, starting at £70 per week, with the possibility to apply for funding via rootedhealing.org

To book a call, session or apply for full mentorship, please submit your interest below with the relevant subject heading. I look forward to connecting with you!


    Working with Veronica was inspiring on so many levels. She has a special gift to guide you gently to cross thresholds inside yourself. Holding a safe and loving space to open up in trust and explore parts of yourself that you have long been forgotten about. I felt very comfortable to lean into the experience, and inspired to explore new ways of healing. I can’t recommend working with Roni enough.
    Angela Sobirey, Yoga Teacher, Singer, Healing Endorcrine Imbalances