If only I could replay those words you spoke to me
Through mossy green foaming lips as you brushed your teeth
Sunken into the bath, feet dangling over the edge 
I know you now to be a deep thinker, a troubled soul
With an openness I’d like to console in.

Whilst you brush and brush, I blush 
Suddenly self conscious in the bathroom’s bright light
Frizzy hair and spotty skin, revealed too sharply as I long to dive in
Dwell in your mind and bathe in your skin 
Those unapologetically blue eyes could fool me into many a days, starring deeply in my ignorant haze 
Yet a cynic I’ve become, too weary of human ways 
Guarding my heart with busy motion, seldom stopping for fleeting moments 
Only to regret having let the current still 
For in the storm I mask, there’s a little girl with a worlds worth of hope 
waiting patiently, hair flying ferociously across her face 
To one day find peace, a knowing of such a warm, sweet place