My initial thought when I first found out
Was that I would be fine
That I don’t have time
To be ill or have more treatment.
When chasing after a career
Paying rent to some rich profiteer
And just trying to steer clear
Of failure and falling under society’s leer
Was already enough on a 20-year-old’s plate.


It is probably safe to say that every actress has known an ‘Actress Collector’; a sleazy director of sorts. This piece was written after an audition with an American director in Paris.  It reflects a resentment built up over many years towards the more sinister types my friends, colleagues and I have encountered.  The following year after this was written, Weinstein infiltrated the news and the #MeToo movement began, demonstrating the grandeur of silence so many succumbed to for so long. Here’s a little part or my retaliative inner dialogue I kept behind smiles and nods, avoiding any ‘offence’ to the offenders.  I have some stories that shock and this, to be honest, is not one of them. For me, this is more of a marker of my final reservation, an end to the nonsense I no longer feel any need to endure.


Previously titled ‘Mr. Bogus Director’, here is a live performance of the same piece tested out at Spoken Word London.