My initial thought when I first found out
Was that I would be fine
That I don’t have time
To be ill or have more treatment.
When chasing after a career
Paying rent to some rich profiteer
And just trying to steer clear
Of failure and falling under society’s leer
Was already enough on a 20-year-old’s plate.

Published by CLIC Sargent:

Just a year ago, she lost her friend George Stevenson, who was one of four fellow performers who toured the UK alongside Veronica fundraising for CLIC Sargent. They had previously met at a residential as part of CLIC Sargent’s music programme, and had formed an incredibly close group.

The combination of losing George, Veronica’s own experiences with her diagnosis, the ongoing follow up appointments and the conversations she’d had with other young people with cancer, inspired her to write this poem.

She said: “The friendships I have made through CLIC Sargent’s music programme have become some of my closest, most valued friendships in my life.

“Last year, we lost one of our five, George, and it hit us hard as he was so young, fit and healthy, charismatic and full of positive energy. I’ll never forget him and I know how important his support and involvement with CLIC Sargent was to him.

“Their work is life changing and every child and young person with cancer deserves the support CLIC Sargent offers, which is why I believe so strongly in helping this charity achieve just that.”


It is probably safe to say that every actress has known an ‘Actress Collector’; a sleazy director of sorts. This piece was written after an audition with an American director in Paris.  It reflects a resentment built up over many years towards the more sinister types my friends, colleagues and I have encountered.  The following year after this was written, Weinstein infiltrated the news and the #MeToo movement began, demonstrating the grandeur of silence so many succumbed to for so long. Here’s a little part or my retaliative inner dialogue I kept behind smiles and nods, avoiding any ‘offence’ to the offenders.  I have some stories that shock and this, to be honest, is not one of them. For me, this is more of a marker of my final reservation, an end to the nonsense I no longer feel any need to endure.


Previously titled ‘Mr. Bogus Director’, here is a live performance of the same piece tested out at Spoken Word London.