Deep Remembering Retreat
Bologna, Italy
6 days of Embodied Earth Wisdom, Movement, Sound & Community
21. – 26.09.2021

Rooted Healing
& Our Future is Ancient


Deep Remembering

An intentional gathering in Bologna, Italy

Deep Remembering is based on embodied earth wisdom, where we re-wild inner and outer landscapes through intuitive movement, innate sensual pleasures, song, food, play and immersive exploration. 

September 21st – 26th 2021

Reawaken the deep feminine

Shift from patterned mind to fully embodied expansivity and awaken to your truest essence surrounded by an incredible group of woman, all showing up to connect and grow.

Permission is given to be free, expansive and intuitively creative.

Our Gathering

Weaving multi-sensory experiences with earth wisdom, creative inspiration and playful exploration, we bring community together to invoke healing, transformative growth and grounding nourishment.

And from these seeds we grow new ideas, networks of beauty and the strength to create the world we wish to thrive in.

We honour the feminine approach to rest, play and productivity – a cyclical way of being that flourishes with the rising and falling of tides.

Through somatic movement, platonic touch, multi medium expression and deep connection, we remember our fiercely compassionate wild natures and our truest potential.

Our Flow

Gentle mornings of movement, meditation, song and touch lead us into various activities and workshops throughout the day, all settled into cyclical, intuitive rhythm with the group. Ending each day with practices to open dreamscapes, relax the nervous system and connect through unhinged creativity. We will gather together in ceremony and ritual, honouring elemental and womb wisdom. You will be guided to your inner wild feminine and equipped with tools and practices to sustain this beautiful connection for life.

Our Practices

Embodiment Practices

We believe in the power of movement. Reconnecting to the language of our body, to expand our capacity for self-healing and flow in our life. Allowing us to get into a feeling state, releasing stuck energies and simply feeling more alive.

We will practice different styles of yoga (tantra, vinyasa, yin & restorative), always embracing a deeply embodied approach, where is not about forcing your body into any shape that feels counter intuitive. 

However our practices will expand beyond traditional yoga classes. Exploring intuitive movement, creative expression and dance. 

We offer a safe container with the flexibility to move intuitively with the group together.

Ceremony & Ritual

Gathering in ritual and ceremony has been an integral part of human existence since the beginning of humanity. Ceremony is our way to remember that we are part of a larger circle, interconnected and whole together.

Rituals guide us through life, providing meaning as we make sense of the world around us, as well as the world within. Physicalisation of intention also programs neural pathways – enabling us to create deeper magnetism and purpose.

During the retreat we want to explore different rituals and practices that have been shared with us by our teachers, rooting in tantra & shamanism.

We will create a sacred space together, coming together as a family, in honour of our human nature..

Voice & Sound

Using our voices as medicine, we have the power to liberate our channels of expression and release embodied tension from past conditioning. The alchemy of voice and sound has immense potential to connect us more closely with our unique healing gifts as we still the mind and become completely present.

Singing and listening together is a deeply ancestral practice – it is our innate way of being in community, celebrating life. Working with our voices also enables us to channel emotion and creative expression. Combining technique with play, we invite you to explore your authentic voice in a safe space, connected in supportive sisterhood.

Soul Care

Loving ourselves starts with self-care. We cannot share our gifts and energy if our cup is half empty. The best way to serve others is by serving ourselves first. 

Feeling grounded and at home in our own body is an essential part of this journey to deep self-love. 

During our retreat, we would love to share practices of self-love with you. Practices that we learned along our journey and found deeply nourishing e.g. ayurvedic walking massage, working with herbs and incense, meditation, value & boundaries workshop.

We want to provide tools that you can take away with you and incorporate into your daily life. Practices to honor yourself, empower yourself or simply relax.

Sharing in Sisterhood

We believe that time for self-reflection and integration is needed while you are moving through a deep transformational process. Reflecting on our shared experiences opens up spaces of deep connection and trust. 

We invite you to participate in our group reflections, enjoying the beauty of true sisterhood, where one can feel held and supported by a group of like-minded women.

Our Home

Set in the poetic Italian hills and forest near Bologna, we will be surrounded by beautiful nature, with charming old walls to cocoon and welcome us to unwind and re-wild. Feel immediately at home with plenty of spaces to relax, read, write, meditate and simply be. 

A 40 minute meandering walk through the forest leads us to the local medieval town, where there is a farmers market and bustling local Italian life. Other outings we can make include wild swimming in a nearby river and horse riding to ancient castle ruins.

Our Cuisine

The preparation of food and drinks will be lovingly assembled by your hosts and helpers with locally sourced 100% organic seasonal plant based sustenance.

Hearty and wholesome daily brunches and dinners will nourish us, with family sharing so that you can pick and select your ideal meal buffet style. 

We are also collaborating with a local restaurant offering traditional Italian cuisine for two of the evenings we will share together.

Your Hosts

Veronica Stanwell
– Rooted Healing

Multi-disciplinary artist, yoga teacher, transformation facilitator and mentor weaving song, story, movement, earth, dream and ritual into an endless practice of Embodied Earth Wisdom.  

Founder of Rooted Healing – a web of immersive restorative experiences, holistic education, courses, workshops and mentorship, with a focus on healing both our inner and outer worlds through reconnection to nature, exploration and creative expression.

Pia Sewelies
– Our Future is Ancient

Curious explorer, holistic mentor and embodiment teacher transmuting ancient practices and traditions in shamanism, tantra and astrology into modern application.

Founder of Our Future is Ancient – a network of like-minded individuals, who all support one common course, breaking with the old linear paradigm, empowering the collective to expand their minds and explore alternative ways to healing and growth.

Our Exchange

Price is per person and includes accommodation, food and all activities. Prices do not include flights to and from Bologna.

Shared Room

1,095 EUR

We ask for a deposit of 250 EUR, which is fully refundable or exchangeable if travel restrictions to Italy adversely change due to the pandemic – terms and conditions apply.

Spaces are limited – Use the form below to register or ask any questions you may have.

We thank you deeply for your trust and willingness to explore, grow and re-wild with us.

Can’t wait to see you there…


    “There is a deep power in bringing women together and creating a safe container to explore and reconnect to our innate inner wild feminine essence. We remember our fierce strength and compassion. This is where seeds of profound potential receive the nurturing and nourishment to manifest into the material and where healing, growth and abundance ripples across our world.”