This piece was written from very real experience and from a need to communicate some of the thoughts that swirl through the mind of a young person with cancer. CLIC Sargent used this piece as a part of their #YoungLivesVsCancer campaign and I have performed this piece at many CLIC Sargent events including their celebrity royal ball, their anniversary show at London Contemporary Arts and at Teddy Rocks Festival. So many young people with cancer or family members of young people reached out to me in a profound way after releasing this video onto youtube and it remains one of my proudest creations. 

Actress Collector

Written before all of the hype around Harvey Weistein and the #MeToo movement, I was afraid to share this for fear of being called a bitter actress. Now I celebrate this fury as a pivotal moment into womanhood and learning how to say NO. 

This piece was originally called ‘Mr. Bogus Director’, but changed to ‘Actress Collector’ when we produced a film, which was a beautiful collaboration with the director and writer, Robert Frost. We had an incredible crew and a lot of fun! Scroll down to take a peak.