“Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha”

Yoga is the calming of the fluctuations of the mind – Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras I.2, circ. 400 CE

Why Yoga?

Aiming to honour the potential yoga has, by sharing with you the practices that have allowed me to reconnect to vitality, presence and positivity, I hope to inspire you as my teachers constantly inspire me; as equals exploring together.


Power Vinyasa creating stability and ease in a fiery, focussed and fun Baptiste inspired practice

Festival Flow combining my love for music into yoga practices that truly lift the spirit, perfect for festivals or something a little different

Yoga & Meditation at Work both employees and employers alike can benefit from yoga to improve focus, energy and wellbeing in the workplace

Youth Yoga curated specifically for children, teens and young adults with more workshop elements

Rehabilitation specialising in during or post cancer treatment, including postoperative restorative yoga such as lymphatic system targeted sequences

SEN Yoga having worked in special educational needs, I recognise the importance of calming movement and connection to improve wellbeing

Injury Prevention practices to target weak areas, strengthening and realigning

Privates for those who enjoy practicing alone or in the comfort of their own home, for beginners gaining confidence or well weathered yogis looking to truly expand on the details with one to one attention, I can work around you

All classes vary from 60 – 90 minutes, excluding workshops.


It’s not all about touching your toes…

A life in the performing arts means constantly uprooting and changing entire settings at the drop of a hat, albeit, a sparkly top hat in a Bob Fosse flurry. For me, the answer to staying sane (or near enough), has been to root down within myself.

Yoga had always appealed to me and over time my depth of understanding grew. I joined a studio with a wonderful sense of community and began to practice nearly everyday. As everyone has, I have had my hardships; cancer, a thyroid disorder, anxiety, career instability and grievances, but throughout all of the downs (and indeed ups), yoga has kept me centred, strong, connected and it never fails to rejuvenate me.

My teacher training deepened my knowledge in every aspect and fed my hunger for growth and self inquiry. Yoga philosophy is a truly fascinating path to delve into. It feels a privilege to have discovered such an explorative, connecting and powerful tool towards unity and clarity during this short lifetime.

Education & Certification

200 Hours in Power Vinyasa Yoga – Lumi Power Yoga (Yoga Alliance)

Lumi Advanced Assisting Training – Lumi Power Yoga

Exercise to Music Certification Level 2 – YMCA Qualifications, Cambridge

First Aid Trained, DBS Checked & Fully Insured